Review: Boulevard Bully! Porter

Review: Boulevard Bully! Porter by Cody La Bière
I'm a fan of Boulevard Brewing's beer since I first tried their Single Wide IPA nearly a year ago. The beer was not only exactly what I wanted in an IPA, but it also was quite affordable.

My mom went down to North Dakota to do her annual American Black Friday shopping spree, she usually doesn't bring me back beer, but she did this time. She brought back Bully! Porter.

As it is almost Christmas time, Bully! Porter might be the perfect beer for this time of year, as it gets colder and colder and the nights get longer and longer.

Appearance: Pours a very rich black, a bit like Guinness, slightly darker than most porters. You can already tell that it's going to have lots of roasty goodness in it. THe head is very very thick. From viewing up top, it reminded me of a rice cake. This head is going nowhere. Colour wise, very similar to raw cookie dough. The bottle itself reminds me of the oldschool "Labatt's Blue" bottles. (see photo on the right)

Aroma: Mostly a roasted malt aroma to it. Slight amount of coffee and just a hint of chocolate.

Taste: Very roasty. If you like a good Porter, this is basically what you would expect. Nice amount of coffee to the taste accompagnying the roasted (almost burnt) maltiness.

Overall Thoughts: For the price, well worth it. It was around $7.99 US for a 6 pack. The roastiness is very dominant in this beer. No where as near strong in flavour as say, St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, but compareable to possibly Sleeman's Fine Porter (but a bit better). I can't wait until I get to try another beer from Boulevard. The brewery doesn't state what the ABV of the beer is on the bottle, but it is 5.2% ABV according the website.

One thing I like about Boulevard's beer boxes is that they encourage you to keep it or recycle it, as it's a good box to use to store CDs or keep old love letters. The box is much more dense than an average 6-pack cardboard. The cardboard is what you would expect on a 24 pack, thick, so you know it will never break on you randomly.

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