Review: Unibroue Eau BĂ©nite Triple

It's not common that a rare Unibroue beer makes it way in Manitoba, but Eau BĂ©nite just happened to be part of this year's Unibroue Collection of beers that the MLCC markets to customers in Manitoba at Christmas time.

Eau Bénite (translates to Holy Water in English) is the first new beer I've tried by Unibroue since Blonde de Chambly (and before that, Quatre Centième), so I am looking forward to trying it out.

A friend of mine had a bottle of Eau BĂ©nite in her fridge for a few years, saved from the last time Unibroue offered this beer. All she had to tell me was "Sucks to be you!" as I didn't get to try the beer.

This year's Unibroue Collection (La Collection Sommelier) includes Eau BĂ©nite, Blonde de Chambly (Yay!), Maudite and Trois Pistoles.

Appearance: Oh hell.. the beer's foaming like a gyser, it's going everywhere. Okay, I got some (most) of the beer into the glass. It has a very nice copper/tan colour, lots of white foam at the beginning (inevitable), but it disappears quite quickly.

Aroma: You know that unique smell of the Unibroue yeast that everyone knows and loves? That's very much here as well. A bit of a light fruity aroma, such as pear. It's pretty subtle.

Taste: This isn't the first Triple style beer I've had this week so the past one is still in my mind (somewhat). Has that Unibroue spicy taste that everyone loves (ie La fin du monde, Trois Pistoles), a bit of a hint of banana as well as a bit of different citrusy fruits. It's a bit complex, but you KNOW it's a Unibroue beer.

Overall Thoughts: I don't like it as much as Tripel Karmeliet but it's a very good beer. Once the Unibroue Collection almost disappears from the liquor stores and vendors, I'll save up a few bottles for the future. The L'Eau BĂ©nite Triple is 7.7% ABV, and only available (in Manitoba) as part of the Unibroue Collection, which itself is $21 (pretty reasonable for Unibroue). I'm not fond that it it gushed up with foam, but taste wise, this really is Holy Water!

On the back of the label, it states: "L'Eau BĂ©nite is a golden ale with a slightly fruity taste and a light spicy aromatic flavour. What's this? Have my senses gone amiss? The devil in "Holy Water" In a state of angelic bliss! If this heavenly brew Can make an angel of you, then move over, Rover, I'm diving in too!"


Kinthelt said...

I wouldn't say *everyone* loves a spicy taste in their beer. ;)

Cody Lobreau said...

Well, not Bug Light Lime fans!