Friday Links

I don't usually post about stuff on here that isn't beer. But I thought today I should have a blog version of Follow Friday, like on Twitter. So here are some sites you should check out.

Slurpees and Murder - One of the best blogs about current events in Winnipeg.

Fort Garry Brewing on Twitter - Manitoba's oldest brewery is now on Twitter, so you should check them out. Also check out my review of their Munich Eisbock, if you want.

Is 10th Street Open Yet? - A website started by Grant to let people in Brandon, MB (aka #bdnmb on Twitter) know if 10th street is open yet, as there is a building set for demolition since March. Also, check out the "Brown Block Cocktail."

Poutine [dot] me - My (poutine) alter ego. I don't blog often on there, but when I do, it's about poutine. Likely complaining about how awful Smoke's Poutinerie is.

42 Bières - Et finalement, 42 Bières, parce que c'est "The International Péché Day!"

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