Review: Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale (Granville Island Brewing)

Review: Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale (Granville Island Brewing) by Cody La Bière
The thing that bugs me about large breweries buying small microbreweries is that the breweries generally tinker with everything nd make it their own. Then again, there's Sleeman, that bought Unibroue, they didn't tinker with it at all, as they knew Unibroue makes a product different from the competition, and then Sapporo bought Sleeman, and same thing, no tinkering.. either than the possibility of expanded distribution.

Then there's Molson, they've made several purchases, they bought Capilano Brewery, the creator of the Rickards Red beer, then Creemore, and most recently, Granville Island. To me, I wonder if Molson tinkered with Granville Island's recipes since buying the company a few years back.

I've talked to a few friends in Vancouver and they said that for the most part, Granville Island Brewing is the same as it always was, but I'm not sure if I should trust them.. ha! But because Molson owns Granville Island and Creemore now, they are now distributing their beers to Manitoba. In this review's case, Granville Island Brewing's Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale. I just have to think.. what beers are the Liquor stores going to displace so they can move in MORE Molson product? Less micros, more Molson? Less Kokanee? Well, I will soon find out..

Now onto the actual review.
Appearance: The Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale pours a nice medium-dark honey brown colour, a bit reminiscent of Sleeman's Honey. A bit of a beige foam, very minimal, in fact.

Aroma: I do smell maple in this beer, unlike their cousin Rickards' beer - Rickards Dark. I can actually imagine the crêpes now, just by the aroma of this beer. A bit of a maltiness, but subtle

Taste: I do taste maple, but overall, it's a pretty uninspiring beer. In ways, similar to Sleeman's Cream Ale, but mapley. It reminds me a bit of Molson Red, in fact.

Overall Thoughts: If you like maple, there's a hint of maple in the aroma and flavour, but it's a very macro-feeling beer. It doesn't seem like a beer that would come out of a microbrewery, it actually seems like it's a beer destined for a Rickard's Taster Pack. The pack was around $15 for 6 bottles. It has an ABV of 5%. I likely will not buy this again, but it's still a much better buy than Alexander Keith's Blonde... I was actually INSULTED drinking that beer, that bad. I may buy this beer if it's on sale for $10 (before tax), but not if I'm looking for something different.

PS: To those who came to my blog looking for Granville Island beer in Manitoba, yes, it is finally here! Available at the local Liquormarts (stock may vary).

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