Review: Paddock Wood Red Hammer Old Style Red Beer

Review: Paddock Wood Red Hammer Old Style Red Beer by Cody La Bière

Yesterday I reviewed Paddock Wood's Loki Double IPA, and now today I get to review their Red Hammer beer, which is an "Old World Style Red Beer" (or an Oktoberfest/Märzen). This is all thanks to @PaddockWoodGuy!

I really enjoyed the two previous beers I've had by Paddock Wood, the Loki, and Bête Noire, so you can tell I'm looking forward to trying Red Hammer.

Appearance: Not having this beer before, and judging by the label, I expected a very reddish beer, personally. The beer is quite red, but more of a copper brown than "red." The head is a bit of a Beige/yellow colour, and there was very little of it while I poured.

Aroma: What this reminds me of is Hubba Bubba's Grape Bubble Tape that I used to have as a child. Quite interesting, and could prove to be tasty. It's quite sweet of a smell, malty alcohol, but not putting me off in any way. The aroma of this beer is one of the most unique I've smelled yet.

Taste: Doesn't taste like how it smells. Overall, it tastes like your standard Oktoberfest style beer. After a few sips, I'm starting to taste nice hops and a bit of a roasted malt. I was kind of hoping for an extreme sweetness in the flavour, like how it is in the aroma. I'm not disappointed. The main thing it's missing is that caramel zing that you know in this style of beer. The unexpected hops that hit you makes up for that. Edit: One thing I've noticed second beer in a row is that there's a bit of a smokiness in the beer. It doesn't start out at first, but midway through, WHAM, there it is. I had the exact same experience with Loki yesterday. It's quite interesting, as I am a big fan of Smokey beers.

Overall Thoughts: As you can see, the taste didn't match the aroma at all. It wasn't as sweet as I thought. That being said, the nice roasted malts and random hopiness hitting the tongue makes up for it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's brew!

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