Review: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Review: Samuel Adams Winter Lager by Cody La Bière
The first snow fall has already hit, and with that brings a vast variety of winter-inspired beers, mostly heavier, roasty beers that help deal with the dark and long cold days and nights of winter.

Tonight's first selection is Sam Adams Winter Lager

I did a review of this beer a year back, but I don't remember it, so hey.. review it again!

Appearance: A nice dark amber colour with a bit of eggshell/slightly yellow (nowhere as near as in the photo) head.

Aroma: My senses aren't picking up anything substancial. I don't even know what I'm smelling, it's underpowering. Maybe a bit of a caramel like a bock, but even then.. I smell close nothing.

Taste: A bit of a roasted malt taste, followed by the taste of a regular ale, but with a slight amount of sweetness in it. It's pretty "meh". But decent for a "lager", but when in reality, it's supposed to be styled like a bock.

Overall Thoughts: 5.5% ABV, About $2.05 before tax. Like most of Sam Adams beers, there's nothing that gives it a "wow" factor, but still better beer than lots of macros out there. This is something I wouldn't mind as a stocking stuffer though.

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