Review: Surly Controlled Chaos West Coast IPA

Controlled Chaos: West Coast hardcore took punk rock one step further. Faster, harder, and even more aggressive–drums and guitars combusting into barely controlled chaos. Stirred by that unruly sound, we bring you Controlled Chaos West Coast IPA. Double dry-hopped and heaving with a cacophony of citrusy hop flavor, Chaos finishes dry and with a touch of bitterness, just like the music that inspired it. 7.2% ABV / High IBU

It's been a good couple years since I've last had a Surly beer - Manitoba was their only international market and unfortunately, Manitobans are frugal as fuck so the sales weren't as good as expected so you can't find their beer here anymore, which is a shame as Surly brought some of the best beers I've ever had to Manitoba and only Manitoba so the rest of Canada had to rely on a beer trade buddy. It'll be a while until I have another Surly again, unless if I pop open a Surly Darkness.

Appearance: Opaque with an orange-amber hue to it, moderate amount of carbonation in the body and a thick, heavy amount of off-white/beige on top. The head diminishes slowly and leaves behind a lot of lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Floral, notes of pine, tropical, a tad woody, notes of pineapple, grapefruit and lemon. West Coast? Yeah, so far.

Taste: For a West Coast-style IPA I was expecting it to be more bitter right from the beginning but it's giving off a bit more of a tropical medley of fruitiness, though it is definitely quite bitter-forward to the point that it's the defining aftertaste at the end. Grapefruit, lemon, hint of woodiness, caramel malt sweetness.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad but if I had a choice between this, Axe Man or Xtra (Citra), this wouldn't even be on my mind. Oh Surly, I hope you return to the Manitoba market again one day.. I miss having Surly on draught only a 5 minute walk from my home.

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