Review: Kilter Moist Fresh Hop Harvest '22 Wet Hop IPA

I went to Winnipeg the other day to check out breweries for the last time until probably the spring. I heard that Kilter made a fresh hop IPA featuring Boissevain's Prairie Mountain Hops, I knew I had to pick up a few cans to take home. I sampled it at the brewery and having visited the hop farm the day before harvest two years ago, the beer smelled and tasted like I was right at the hop farm. I grew a few hop vines this year at my parents farm but unfortunately it was a failure, but I wanted to finally try it at least once in my life.

From the label: A wet-hopped West Coast IPA brewed with freshly harvested hops from Prairie Mountain Hops. Dry hopped with new innovative Cryo Citra frozen fresh hops. 6% ABV

Appearance: Bright amber-honey with a slight cloudiness to it. Good amount of carbonation in the body and a hefty amount of beige/off white head on top. Once the head diminishes a tad, it leaves behind a really nice layered lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Like at the brewery, I feel like I'm right at the hop yard with Randy checking out the crop. It's floral with a moderate bitterness to it, good amount of leafiness to it, notes of alfalfa, pine, lemon, fresh cut grass and dill. Pretty dank. There's a bit of grapefruit in there and so far.. pretty reminiscent of a classic West Coast IPA.

Taste: Notes of pine, alfalfa, fresh cut grass, grapefruit, a hint of soapiness, lemon and a smidgen of caramel. Pretty much what I got in the aroma. Very approachable - but I'm a huge fan of bitter IPAs so of course I'd say that... it's not overly aggressive, though it will proooobably be a bit much for a "I don't like IPAs" kind of crowd.

Overall Thoughts: Canned October 4th so only a couple weeks old at the time of writing this. It's fresh, bitter, showcases what I like in a good IPA.. also I have to remind myself to not hoard these cans for months because I know this will change taste quite quickly. I still remember falling in love with the tropical yet bitter West Coast IPA trend in 2010(?), I couldn't get enough and between this and a Hazy/Juicy IPA, I'd rather drink this any day but I'll take whatever I can get.. as long as it's good. This? Deeeecent.

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