Review: Vessel Foxtrot West Coast IPA

From the can: Foxtrot is a 6% citrus and pine forward West Coast IPA brewed by Vessel Brewing Co w/ Sequoia, Citra, Cascade & Amarillo hops. 

Appearance: Mildly hazy with a blonde appearance to it, good amount of carbonation in the body and a mildly thick & white head on top. The head diminishes rather quickly to leave behind a light layered lacing on the glass and a light amount of foam on the beer itself.

Aroma: Leafy and floral IPA with a mild piney presence to it, fresh cut grass, grapefruit, lemon and a lot of graininess - this is a very grain-forward IPA. Mildly sweet and not too bitter, so far.

Taste: The malt is popping out big time in this beer, it's giving me a gritty taste of a grain bin kind of vibe, somewhat toasty, quite cerealy and mild sweetness from the grains. There's a good deal of hop presence with a floral, mildly pine forward presence and a taste that has a tad bit of a flavour that reminds me a bit of dill for some reason. The aftertaste is a bit of a grainy taste with a hint of pine.

Overall Thoughts: Leafy, floral IPA that certainly has a bitter and mildly sweet presence to it, but it's more aggressive on the grain than most West Coast IPAs I've had in recent memory. I wish it was a tad more tropical with more grapefruit/citrus presence, but very drinkable nonetheless! 

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