Review: Kilter x Superflux Hot Dog Summer DDH HHD Double IPA

Kilter x Superflux Hot Dog Summer DDH HHD Double IPA

From the label: A hot diggity dog Double IPA dusted with Phantasm powder and double dry-hopped  with Citra, Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. 8% ABV

At the time of writing this, a month ago I went on a last minute vacation to Vancouver to see a good buddy I haven't seen since 2019. At that time, there just happened to be a really fun beer festival at Superflux Brewing while in the city - I'll hopefully post pictures one of these days. I knew of Kilter and Superflux's Hot Dog Summer IPA last year and the first thing that came to mind was nausea because I'm not a fan of hot dogs to begin with, so for some reason I thought it was going to be a hot dog tasting beer even though I knew it wouldn't be in the slightest.. but a coriander-forward IPA could easily make my gut turn. Thankfully the beer is just a a Double Dry Hopped IPA, something both breweries do really well. If you DO like hot dogs, both taprooms are world renowned for their house dogs!

Appearance: Hazy and slightly murky orange body with minimal snow white foam. The little foam it does have diminishes leaving a nice yet subtle layering on the glass. 

Aroma: My senses aren't the best these days but I'm getting notes of orange, lemon, a good amount of yeast and a hint of "Five Alive" drink. Quite sweet-forward, tad leafy and not much after that, yet solid.

Taste: Sweet, orange, a tad creamy, other tropical fruitiness, a light yeastiness that tingles the palate a tad but diminishes pretty quickly. Hint of raisin skin, fairly smooth otherwise, definitely has a bit of a booziness to it as it creeps on me rather gradually as I'm slowly reviewing this.

Overall Thoughts: Nothing really new to me but showcases good tropical and fruity note, something both do well with their typical IPAs. Fairly smooth on the palate aside from the slight hint of yeastiness that tingles the palate. Does not contain any trace of hot dogs in this beer, thank goodness.

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