Review: Hector's Hard Purple Craze (Fort Garry)

I posted about Hector's Hard Iced Tea by Fort Garry Brewing the other day. Boozy coolers are becoming a thing again and now they have a Wildberry cooler called Hector's Hard Purple Craze and all I can think about is drinking wildberry coolers that my mom would pick up for me when I was a teen. Now the music of 2001-2003 pops out in my mind.. especially anything with Santana... ugh.

Purple Craze Wildberry is 7.0% and brewed with purified carbonated water, alcohol, fruit juice concentrate (high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural berry flavours, sodium benzoate, contains sulphites, colour)

Appearance: I was expecting a very bright purple cooler but I got a weird blue-purple colour that I don't think exists in nature but who am I to criticize?! Light amount of white head on top and surprisingly a bit of lacing on the glass as I sample it

Aroma: Fruity! Sweet! Tropical! Summer in a can! Exclamation points! Smells like grape, hint of apple, and the fauxness of blue raspberry. 

Taste: Sugary, a tad tart and it's pretty much a mixture of freezies combined to become one flavour - lots of grape and blue raspberry for the most part. I expect my tongue to turn into a weird colour but I looked and nope.. so far. Very sweet, tad bitterness and a hint of a boozy burn. 

Overall Thoughts: Adult juice. I couldn't do the 2L format of this because that's just insanely excessive.. soooo much sugar but sometimes you just want to feel young again. This will for sure be an impulse buy when I'm craving something sweet rather than an IPA/Belgian ale.

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