Review: Sookram's Infinite Reflection Baltic Porter

I haven't reviewed many of Sookram's beers, but that's mainly because they were never available in my neck of the woods until recent weeks.. now they have several offerings and both of the stores I frequent have something that the other store doesn't have.

It may be springish on the prairies *(at the time of writing), but a Baltic Porter is still a welcome treat as it's still chilly out there and the snow is melting at a glacier speed. Sookram's Infinite Reflection is 10.0% ABV and described as dark, malty, complex.

Appearance: Dark black with a heavy coffee-like appearance to it. No noticeable carbonation in the body and the head has a moderate amount of yellow-beige head on top that diminishes to a light layer only attached to the side of the glass.

Aroma: Sweet and boozy Baltic Porter with notes of caramel, a mild coffee presence for the roasted malt, brown bread, molasses.

Taste: At 10% ABV, you better bet that this is boozy. It doesn't give off a burn like many Baltic Porters but I can feel a bit of a boozy tingle as I drink this ever so gradually. There's notes of caramel, a bit of roastiness that gives off a hint of peat and coffee, molasses and a mild lingering bitterness for aftertaste that lingers for a good moment or five.

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