Review: Hector's Hard Iced Tea (Fort Garry Brewing)

Several months ago I was at my local Liquor Mart and one of the staff members was showing me a hard iced tea in a 2L. When I think of a hard iced tea in a 2L bottle all I can think of is my teenage years when coolers regularly came in big plastic bottles. Fast forward to now, the same hard iced tea, Fort Garry Brewing's Hector's Hard Iced Tea is now available in 473mL cans. Alongside the hard iced tea, they make a wildberry cooler as well.

The hard iced tea is 7.0% ABV and brewed with water, dextrose, yeast, sweetened iced tea concentrate (high fructose corn syrup, tea concentrate, citric acid, malic acid, natural lemon flavour, sodium benzoate, contains sulphites).

Appearance: Pours like a dark Earl Grey-ish iced tea, a dark brown appearance you get from most iced teas, a light amount of beige head on top, floaty bits that I'm not sure what it is.. possibly the tea?

Aroma: Tea, lots of sugar, lemon and an aroma I can't pinpoint to.. it's a bitter sharp aroma that I just can't describe.

Taste: Pretty much what the aroma gave me, the aroma I couldn't describe was the predominant taste and at first it's kind of annoying but then you get used to it, once you have another can, you don't notice it.. if you know what I mean.

Overall Thoughts: Sweet, a darker brew of tea used than most I'm used to. I think my favourite will still be Twisted Tea but if they do different flavours of this like a raspberry or half & half.. it will make for a nice summer drink.

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