Review: 33 Acres of Sunshine French Blanche

Originally written in August 2021

Today I'm sampling 33 Acres Brewing's 33 Acres of Sunshine, a French Blanche/Belgian Witbier topping out at 5.0% ABV

Born of the sun this unfiltered wheat ale has long been praised by the Belgians and revered by the French. Our dreamy Blanchè beer is silky smooth and subspiced with orange peel, coriander and anise seed to pair perfectly with the golden days of summer.

The sun sets in the west with good reason and this seasonal flagship will adorn our tasting room, chill at the beach and commune on the patio of select stockists long after summer ends. 

Appearance: Hazy orange body with a thick off-white head on top and a good amount of micro-carbonation in the body in specific spots of the beer.

Aroma: Slightly sweet with orange peel and a hint of coriander, hint of bubble gum. 

Taste: I don't know what to get from the beginning.. it has a bit of a tea-like presence on the palate which is something that's not actually in the beer at all. It's moderately sweet with an orange zest presence to it, a hint of coriander, wheaty, lemon and a hint of a wheat graininess at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Classic Witbier. 

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