Review: Torque Take Five Pastry Stout

Review was done back in September 2021 but just came around to post the review now.

Another beer from Torque Brewing's fifth anniversary the other day. Today's sampling is Take Five, a pastry stout that tops out at 6.0% and 30 IBU.

Appearance: Rich, dark as the night, moderate amount of beige head on top that diminishes rather quickly to diminish to absolute nothing except a few bubbles here and there.

Aroma: Sweet stout with a bit of a creaminess to it, slight doughiness, caramel, definitely a 'pastry' vibe to it as it gives off a caramel danish kind of vibe to it. 

Taste: Sweet stout with notes of chocolate, a hint of roasted malt, a mild doughiness, caramel, a hint of dark fruitiness to it. Hint of cinnamon and spice at the end as it warms up.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad, definitely has a bit of a desserty pastry vibe to it, doughy, sweet, caramel and dark fruit notes. 

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