Review: Vessel Rawr Tiger Tiger Milkshake iPA

I feel like I'm behind on reviews of Vessel Beer reviews lately but in reality it's this beer that made me think of that. I've seen this beer pop up on Vessel's social media for nearly two months now but only finally got to try it. Today's sampling is Vessel's Tiger Tiger Milkshake IPA. Rawr! A hoppy take on Tiger Tiger ice cream with licorice, orange, vanilla & citrus hops - includes lactose. 5% ABV

Appearance: The very first impression I got out of this beer was "oooh, I think I'm going to like this!" Well, I'm insanely biased as I tend to enjoy almost everything Vessel/Nonsuch comes out with so 🤷🏻‍♂️. It's got a hazy dark orange body with a moderate amount of carbonation in the body, followed by a very thick snow white head on top. Surprisingly the head diminishes incredibly quickly, leaving behind a moderate layered lacing on the glass.

Aroma: I grew up a picky eater (and still am) so I never tried Tiger Tiger ice cream because I haaaaaated black licorice. The aroma is creamy with a hint of licorice but not obnoxious at all, tad sweet, notes of orange, floral hops and a squeeze of lemon at the end. Hint of an alfalfa-like bitterness at the very end.

Taste: This is a subtle orange creamsicle-like beer but not overly creamy, nor overly orange forward either. Hint of black licorice, floral and slightly bitter hops. Slight citrusy, very smooth on the palate. Aftertaste is slightly bitter hop and slightly fruity (apple/pear).

Overall Thoughts: Pretty straightforward for a milkshake IPA. It's smooth, not obnoxiously creamy and only has a subtle hint of licorice so I can deal with it. I think this could be a contender for a go-to beer for Summer 2021 but knowing most Vessel beers, this will be gone in a hot moment. Yum!

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