Review: Torque Brett Dark Saison - Barrel Aged Series

Thanks Torque for sending this my way! I've been sampling a lot of Saisons lately, predominantly the classic Belgian-style Saison. Well, it's time to start enjoying the classic barnyard funky Farmhouse Saisons that are popular in this day and age. This one is a Barrel Aged Brett Dark Saison.

From the label: You know what sounds like a great gladiator's name? Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, that's who. This Saison fought its way out of a Cabernet/Savignon barrel with roasted malts, spiciness, black currant notes and just a touch of barnyard funk. 6.7% ABV

Appearance: Dark brown ale with a bit of a reddish cola like hue to it. Fairly light head (tad carbonated) with a light beige hue to it. 

Aroma: Just a touch of barnyard? At first I got a good amount of goosebumps from the funk but yeah it settles off after a bit. There's a light touch of red wine vinegar for sourness, a hint of black currant and even a slight hint of roasted malt to give it an unexpected hint of coffee to it. Decent amount of sweetness to it.

Taste: The very first thing I get from the beer is the barrel aging - it's got a rich oaky presence followed by a bit of a Cab/Sav wine sourness. There's a tad bit of a booziness to it, lot of fruitiness to it... raisins and black currant predominantly. It's sweet, subtle barnyard funkiness to it, pretty approachable on the palate. 

Overall Thoughts: I didn't really get a Saison vibe to it in any sense but it was very approachable, slightly funky, slightly tart and decently sweet. This actually brought me back memories of some of the barrel aged beers I sampled over at Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs a few years back.. ah the memories of pre-COVID era. This is perfect for a pre-bedtime treat, I'm definitely ready for bed now.

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