Review: Sawdust City Everyday Magic IPA

Hazy, Hoppy, Lush is what Sawdust City describes their Everyday Magic IPA. The beer I'd brewed with Cashmere, Galaxy, Idaho 7 and Sabro hops. So this is definitely going to be a hazy and tropical IPA.. I can't wait! 6.9% ABV / 45 IBU

From the label: Life can seem a needless bore. Scratch just below the surface and you can see the magic behind the mundane. A sunrise, a rainbow, holding a loved one's hand, or the exhilaration you feel as thousands of monarchs pass overhead, as they migrate south to avoid the hell that is winter. Everyday Magic is a simple, yet totally epic IPA that reminds us that yes, there is magic all around us.

Appearance: Haaaaaaazy as eff! It' got a very thick, murky yellowish-orange body to it. The head is thicc with a snow white hue to it and doesn't want to go anywhere at all. The head that does diminish leaves behind a layered lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Orange is the very first thing I get from this beer, followed by a bit of lemon, pineapple and a sharp bitterness of pineapple at the end. It's got a very floral and leafy presence to it. It's very inviting for me so far. A tad dank.

Taste: Wow, this is very dank and has a bit of a cannabis to it, It's leafy, floral and has a decent tropical presence to it, which is pretty much what I described in the aroma, so orange, lemon and a hint of grapefruit.. no noticeable pineapple. 

Overall Thoughts: This is definitely a sipper drink for me as it took me over two hours to write this from beginning to end and I still have half the beer left. It's smooth for 6.9% ABV and quite approachable but does have a surprising dank/cannabis vibe to it. Definitely one of the best Sawdust City beers I've had yet.. but at this point I've only ever tried like nine of them, with one of them being a sample from a growler at an Ottawa LCBO thanks to an awesome product specialist there, remember that Ryan?! 

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