Review: Sawdust City Tropical Storm Mojito IPA

I reviewed Sawdust City's Everyday Magic just yesterday, and here we go again.. today I'm checking out their Tropical Storm Mojito IPA. I'm not really a fan of Mojitos but the label popped out at me without looking at the description so I had to buy it!

From the can: 

Based on one of our favourite summer libations Tropical Storm Mojito is the first in a series of delicious IPAs. Tart, citrusy lime leads the way with cool waves of mint bringin’ the summer vibes. Juicy hops through the middle and soft creamy palate through to the finish. This IPA has it all! Get ready -- who knows what the Storm will blow in next! Mosaic, Idaho 7, Cashmere Hops. 6.9% ABV / 42 IBU.

Appearance: Pours a lemon-orange body with a juicy vibe to it. Quite thick amount of snow white head on top but it diminishes rather quickly to leave behind only a sprinkling of bubbles all over the glass.

Aroma: My initial thought was that the beer is off but not sure exactly what. Oh, it's a Mojito IPA, so that makes sense. It has a heavy mint presence to it, notes of lemon and a very sharp tartness to it. Mildly florally hoppy but the mint overpowers the beer so far. 

Taste: I've had a few Mojito themed beers in this past and surprisingly this isn't the most mint-forward one I've had yet, it's more subtle compared to the aroma. The mint works well with the trio of hops as they give off a floral and leafiness to begin with and the beer has a bit of a lemony tartness to it so it's actually.. it's not bad. 

Overall Thoughts: Not overally IPAish to me but it does have a good leafy and floral presence to it, citrusy and the mint worked well for me in the end. Definitely was more of an enjoy while the weather is nice beer rather than the slow sipper of the Everyday Magic I had earlier. 

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