Review: Dieu du Ciel Rosée d'Hibiscus (2021)

Did I seriously just influence a brewery to distribute to Manitoba for the first time in seven years? I like to think so. A few months ago I put in a special order for Péché Mortel Bourbon through MLCC but unfortunately someone misread the special order and only ordered in regular Péché Mortel. If this can bring in a permanent offering of Dieu du Ciel's beers after a several year hiatus, I think it will be worth it.

I was planning on posting this review two days ago just in time for la Saint-Jean Baptiste but unfortunately I got caught up in other things, so Bonne St Jean tlm and félicitations to the Canadiens!

What's surprising to me is that the first time I ever tried a Dieu du Ciel hibiscus beer, it was actually a collaboration beer with New Belgium Brewing that I purchased in North Dakota, so when I finally got my hands on a bottle of RosĂ©e d'Hibiscus in 2014, I immediately compared it to the collaborative beer for a review. Fast forward exactly seven years later, I'm re-visiting DDC's RosĂ©e d'Hibiscus, without even looking at my tasting notes from way back when.

Appearance: Rich, deep cherry red body with a bit of clarity to it, lots of carbonation in the body and a moderate thickness of white head with a pink hue to it. 

Aroma: It's herbal and floral with a rich fruity presence to it, a bit of raspberry, a bit of cherry, a slight tartness to it. A good amount of hibiscus to it that gives off a floral presence that's a bit like lilacs (oh how I miss lilacs). 

Taste: This is for sure a summer beer meant to be consumed on a hot summer day like today (currently 26C). It's sweet with a hint of raspberry and cherry, a tad bit of a floral/bitter presence from the hops, slight spice of coriander, hint of wheat, tad tart and all in all, pretty fruity.

Overall Thoughts: I finally looked at what I wrote back in 2014 and wow.. what I'd consider to be a Sour back then is nothing like now days. Glad to see this in Manitoba, it's yet another summer worthy beer I've tried out lately!

Review from June 2014!

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