Review: Devil May Care Nothin But the Hops Vol 04: Sultana, BRU-1, Cashmere

Somehow I missed out on Devil May Care's Volume 3 of their popular Nothin But the Hops series of Hazy IPAs. I don't even recall ever seeing it at my local LCs but here we are now.. now at Vol 4: Sultana, BRU-1 & Cashmere. 6.5% ABV / 34 IBU

Appearance: Hazy orange body with a moderate amount of snowish white head on top that diminishes rather gradually, leaving behind a sprinkling of bubbles on the glass. 

Aroma: Floral, citrusy and tropical. It's got a nice fruity presence of pineapple, grapefruit and lemon, a tad spiced (where I get the grapefruit), floral and slightly bitter hops that I can't quite pinpoint but definitely gives off a bit of a walking through a flower garden vibe to it. Good amount of sweetness so far, light breadiness at the end.

Taste: Smoooooooooth. I get leafy and floral hops popping out right from the beginning, followed by a lot of tropical presence of pineapple, grapefruit and lemon.. oh and a hint of stone fruit as well. Light amount of bitter pine presence lingering on palate but diminishes in a quick flash. 

Overall Thoughts: Tropical, floral, hint of bitterness, tingles the belly just a tad. 

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