Review: Kilter Slurpii Pineapple + Peach Sour Ale

With a name like Slurpii, I feel like only a brewery in Winnipeg could legitimately use the name and make something special out of it. Today's sampling is Kilter's Slurpii Pineapple & Peach Sour Ale. From the label it's a tart & fruity slushy sour ale brewed with a fresh blast of pineapple, peach, and vanilla.

I've only had Slurpii once in my life (Kilterberry edition) and that was two years ago at Flatlanders Beer Festival. All I recall is that it was sour, tasty, fruity and I would love this in a slush form. 6.0% ABV

Appearance: Opaque light orange body with a light amount of carbonation in body and two full fingers of white head that diminishes to absolutely nothing at all, no bubbles popping up to the head but there are streams of bubbles in the body itself.

Aroma: Sharp sourness right from the beginning that reminds me of malt vinegar (and makes me want Ms Vickie's potato chips). Decent pineapple presence to it to give it a sweetness, a tad bit of fresh cut grass, lightly toasted malt and the most subtle hint of peach in the entire world... it's there but I have to really take a deep sniff to get it. Moderately lemony and hint of creaminess at the very end.

Taste: Good deal of sourness but it's not malt vinegar like the aroma, more it's like sour fermented pineapple with a hint of peach wayyyyy in the back. It's a tad creamy, a bit grainy, slight leafy hop presence. Not overly sour.

Overall Thoughts: Something something I don't like sours but this is pretty approachable. I'd like much more peach in this one, but drunk me circa Flatlanders 2019 wishes for the Kilterberry version of this beer again, it was sweet, tropical, I couldn't get enough of it! Definitely recommend this on a hot sweltering pub patio.. if we're ever allowed to visit a pub ever again (which could be never at this point).

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