Review: Fort Garry Cranberry Crush Radler

Fort Garry Cranberry CrushI had someone recommend me Fort Garry's Cranberry Crush Radler last year but I was feeling "meh, not interested" as it was well past the summer radler season by then, closer to the heavy stout season than anything.

Cranberry Crush is their take on a Radler with cranberry juice that tops out a whopping 3.5% ABV.

Appearance: Clear and bright pink with a lot of carbonation in the body, looks like Kool-Aid more than a beer for me. Lots of carbonation in the body and a moderate white head to it with a slight pink hue to it.

Aroma: This is the thing I really, really dislike about Fort Garry beers - the smell of burnt plastic. Over the years I've complained about the burnt plastic smell that's typical in many Fort Garry beers but it's still there. There's a moderate cranberry tartness/sweetness to it, a bit of a sugariness to it that gives me a bit of reminiscence of cranberry pie. Light amount of maltiness to it, no noticeable hops to it.

Taste: Unfortunately the beer has the burnt plastic yet again but it's definitely more subdued this time, thankfully. There's a lot of cranberry in this Radler that gives it a sharp tartness to it but also a sweetness that is reminiscent of a fruity cooler. There's a bit of malt barley coming out to give it a grainy aftertaste to it but it's mostly overpowered by the cranberry. Quite sweet.

Overall Thoughts: Aside from the typical burnt plastic, this one has a very fruity malt cooler vibe to it. It's quite easy to drink and surprisingly only 3.5% when it tastes like it could easily be 5.5% ABV. I can see why non-beer drinkers have been raving about this, this doesn't taste like a beer at all, but definitely not really reminiscent of a Radler but more of a fruit malt cooler. As much as I dislike the burnt plastic smell/taste, I probably will buy more of this to share with family this summer, pairs well with bonfires and shooing off sandflies.

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