Review: Driftwood Viewfield Brett Saison

Driftwood Viewfield Brett SaisonThis has been a beer I've been buying very frequently whenever I'm at my local LC, to the point that it has replaced one of their own beers (Raised by Wolves) as one of my most frequent purchases. Driftwood Brewing's Viewfield is a Brett Saison brewed with Superior Pilsen and Flaked Wheat. Brett beers are still overly rare to find in my neck of the woods so I feel like seeing a Brett beer by a brewery that sells relatively well will end up being a regular visitor to Chez Cody.

From the website: A funky, fruity, panoramic fermentation in ultra-high-def multi-colour. We hope you enjoy every aspect of a Saison brewed from this perspective. 6.3% ABV

Appearance: Mildly cloudy with a light lemon yellow body to it. Moderate amount of carbonation in the body and a lot of snow white foam on the head that quickly diminishes, leaving behind a spider webbing of foam on the glass.

Aroma: Brett! It's funky, bit of leather and wood but not in-your-face. It has a good amount of lemon, a decent amount of sweetness from the malt (I feel reminiscent of honey), slight grassiness to it, and a tad bit of sulphur unfortunately.

Taste: Decently tart with a good amount of lemon popping out. Moderate amount of barnyard funk to give it a bit of woodiness and leather, though thankfully it doesn't smell anything like the barnyard that's 50 feet from me, thankfully! Moderate amount of sweetness with a bit of honey to it, a hint of booziness, and a light breadiness to it. The beer is moderately dry and very carbonated for the mouthfeel, while the aftertaste is a combination of wet dough and lemon.

Overall Thoughts: The sulphuric aroma really put me off but it really didn't show up for long thankfully. This is citrusy, has a good amount of funk but not overpowering, and a decent amount of sweetness. The hops don't really overpower at all, letting the malt and yeast take over for the most part. Decently dry, a bit heavy on the stomach but this is probably my go-to beer of summer of 2020, I can't get enough of Saisons! Definitely more of an American Farmhouse-style Saison but definitely has notes reminiscent of a classic old school Belgian Saison.

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