Review: Crown Royal Limited Edition Whisky (Aged 10 Years) - Manitoba 150

A few years back I went to my local liquor store and noticed a new SKU of Crown Royal, a Limited Edition Whisky aged 10 years. I only notice it as it came with a free Manitoba 150 themed bag, but unfortunately by the time I picked it up, all the Manitoba 150 bags were gone!

Crown Royal's Limited Edition Aged 10 Years is a Canadian Whisky that is, well... aged for 10 years (duh). Limited Edition is blended with distinguishing batch-distilled Whiskies to create an exceptionally rich taste with the signature smoothness of Crown Royal. 40% ABV

Appearance: Clear with a rich caramel body to it. The Whisky has a bit of a syrupiness on the glass, giving it a wine legs appearance to it, retaining on the glass for quite a while.

Aroma: Your typical Whisky that's quite pungent to the point that it feels like it's about to burn your nostrils. This has a lot of oakiness that gives off an aroma of an old barn, Rye-grain forward presence to give off that dark grainy flavour that you typically get from anything with Rye, mild amount of vanilla, lots of caramel, tobacco, and apple.

Taste: Lots of caramel, very oak-forward woodiness, a hefty amount of vanilla.. actually A LOT of vanilla. There's a bit of apple for fruitiness, oh and we can't forget about the Rye malt in here.. it's got a toasted presence to it as well as a mild spiciness to it. Strong for the mouthfeel with it having a syrupy feeling to it and quite a bitter/pepperiness attacking my entire mouth, the aftertaste is a hint of spice from the Rye and a hint of pear at the end.

Overall Thoughts: I'm not one to typically review spirits so I'm not the best person to review this, but I love to mix it up on the blog once in a while. The Limited Edition series of Whiskies at Crown Royal are apparently only available in Manitoba, while the 'Aged 10 Years' edition is apparently only available in Manitoba for MB 150. Strong whisky that gave me a lot of goosebumps as I was trying it out, sweet, lots of Rye grain, quite oaky and very vanilla forward. Definitely recommended to Canadian Whisky aficionados as well as those who want a nice addition to their liquor cabinet.

Lil Tequila the cat with a bottle of Crown Royal Limited Edition Aged 10 Years! My parents have a cat named Whisky but he refused to pose for this photo

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