Review: Bee Boyzz Mind Your Own Beeswax Carbonated Craft Mead

Something a bit different today with me checking out a mead instead of a beer for once! Bee Boyzz Winery & Meadery opened up fairly recently with a line of high end Meads and honey wines. Manitoba is well known for producing some of the best honey in the world so it's absolutely awesome to finally see an actual Mead industry popping out of Manitoba, as only a few years ago Rigby Orchard Estate Winery and Half Pints were the only producers of Mead in the province. Now, thanks to liquor license changes, many breweries/wineries are allowed to make Mead with less red tape.

I don't drink Mead often because it's generally very expensive with the most affordable Meads costing around $11 per 650mL bottle and the average price being closer to the $15 to $20 price tag, but Bee Boyzz recently installed a canning line which will allow them to sell mead to a much larger demographic than before.

The first canned mead I discovered by Bee Boyzz was their Mind Your Own Beeswax Carbonated Craft Mead which tops out at 5.0% ABV, so it's definitely more sessionable than many of the boozy and wine-forward Meads that I've tried in the past.

From the label: Our carbonated craft traditional mead is a unique refreshing beverage, perfect for any occasion. Water, Honey, Yeast. Bee fact: Honeybees consume honey & pollen to produce beeswax. It takes 8 pounds of honey to produce just 1 pound of wax!

Appearance: Pours completely clear with a lot of fizz as it's being poured, lots of bubbles initially but clears off immediately. Very minimal amount of microscopic bubbles on top of the Mead. It has a light yellow appearance that is a bit reminiscent of Ginger Ale or White Wine.

Aroma: Full of honey aroma, very sweet, a tad boozy, reminiscent of syrup, light amount of floral (alfalfa?) presence at the end.

Taste: Quite a sweet Mead but it's not too sweet. It's moderately dry with a good amount of liquid honey taste to it, but not overly syrupy like many Meads. It has a tad bit of a beer vibe as I get a bit of a grassiness to it, a slight amount of herbal presence and a hint of something that reminds me of dill. Moderately carbonated. Aftertaste is a hint of apple.

Overall Thoughts: Perfect for any occasion? Definitely. I feel like this would be a great beverage to have after mowing the lawn, for dessert or really.. whenever you want. It's sweet but not too sweet, so this is something I could drink once in a while without feeling like I'm drinking a gallon of sugar. While Half Pints' Sweet Heidrun's Mead will probably be my all-time favourite Mead, this one is decently reminiscent of the Mead and a great value at $5.00 per 473mL can! Definitely been telling friends to try this and so far they've also been enjoying this so far, so definitely a good sign!<

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