Review: 2 Crows Jamboree Sour w. Strawberry and Guava

2 Crows Jamboree Sour w. Strawberry and GuavaI still have a few beers left from my purchase from 2 Crows back in May, I seriously recommend checking out their store! For those in Manitoba, you can get many of their beers at the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg.

Today I'm checking out 2 Crows' Jamboree, which is a Sour brewed with strawberry and guava. Crazy Tropical, Lush, Fuzzy. 4.8% ABV

Appearance: Thick pour with a peach appearance to it. There's a lot of head to start out but it quickly diminishes to absolutely nothing, no bubbles in sight, it's a bit reminiscent of my mom's homemade slush but completely melted. As I pour it, it's a tad chunky with bits that look like strawberry, it settles to the bottom to look like floaty bits. Near the end the beer starts to look more like a strawberry milkshake.. which I could go for right now.

Aroma: Really nice sour, it's not overly pungent, rather it's a slight sharpness followed by sweetness from the fruit. There's a good amount of strawberries for sweetness, followed by a sweet yet vegetal presence from the guava. Very welcoming sour.

Taste: The sourness sure pops out first but it's not overpowering. I never know how to really describe a sour but it's a tad vinegary with a bit of lemon to it. There's a moderate sweetness coming from the strawberries that give off memories of visiting a U-Pick, followed by a bit of a sweet yet vegetal guava presence. Decent amount of leafy hops in this beer. Very dry mouthfeel that also makes my lips feel dry, while the aftertaste is a light sourness from the strawberries.

Overall Thoughts: There needs to be more beers that incorporates strawberries, this is a great sour that's not too sour, quite enjoyable and something that won't upset my stomach in a few minutes time. I need more sours like this.

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