Bud Light Orange

Well.. here we are, I'm reviewing Bud Light Orange.. but why? The same reason why I reviewed Bud Light Apple, for the hits! I've been refraining from reviewing Bud Light Orange but meh.. it's at the point where it's why not?

Why does Bud Light Orange exist? Well, why not? The Bud Light brand is still insanely huge in Canada. Most beer drinkers in my neck of the woods prefer Bud Light over craft beer so why not make a light lager with orange? *shrugs*

The description of the beer is how it's "naturally flavoured light lager" with a fresh and fragrant burst of orange, I kind of doubt that but whatever..

Appearance: Pours a surprisingly clear and straw yellow body with a good deal of carbonation and a moderate whole finger's worth of off-white head on top of the beer.

Aroma: Orange is right. This reminds me of your typical orange soda you get at any grocery store here in Canada - it's a very sweet orange aroma with a heavy dose of sugar to it, nothing like orange juice.. full on orange soda. Light amount of malt presence to give off a bit of a light graininess from barley.. that's about it.

Taste: Orange soda, a bit of black pepper, barley malt to give it a bit of a crisp, dry graininess to the beer, hint of something that seems to be reminiscent of dill even though there's no dill in this beer. The more I drink this beer, I get less of the orange soda in this beer and more of the barley/etc to give off a sweet malt profile to it, not great but honestly not horrible.

Overall Thoughts: Months ago, I was expecting Bud Light Orange to be a coriander and orange peel flavoured version of Bud Light, rather than an orange soda lite 'beer'. If you're an orange soda fan, you'll likely enjoy this a lot: it's actually not horrible because you don't really get any Bud Light in this beer at all, just the fizzy orange soda. It's not horrible, but it's not great either.. so I don't know what to really say. Why does this exist? It exists because the Bud Light-a-RITAs ended up as a failure (way too sweet) but people still wanted flavoured beers but nothing too excessive. Will I buy this again? Seriously, do you have to ask? That said.. I was thinking earlier today "there needs to be more soda-style beers".


Pat J said...

Thanks for drinking this so I don't have to.

Unknown said...

Love reading your reviews Cody. Because I wouldn't touch some of these beers if they were free lol. Just a question, why not put a rating out of 5 or 10 on your review?

Cody Lobreau said...

I feel like leaving out a rating out out of 5 or 10 will make a person more likely to guess what they think the rating should be as they'd have to read the whole review to begin with! Also, I have a hard time defining an actual rating because I might enjoy something but it may only get a 2.6/5 when really it probably deserves a 3.8