Review: Trans Canada Guava Sour (County Sour Series)

Thanks Matt from Trans Canada Brewing for sending this my way, even though it was from their sales rep Mandy's personal stash, so this review is for Mandy!

Trans Canada's Guava Sour is part of the brewery's County Sour Series. From the label: "Refreshing and tart / 3 IBU. A Berliner Weisse aged on Ontario grown guava. Sweet, juicy notes of pear and strawberry blend together with the natural acidity from the Kettle sour to create a fruity, tart and refreshing finish."

Appearance: Oh this looks like cocktail more than a ber, very beautiful dark orange/peach body, quite hazy and a hefty dose of sediment near the bottom of the beer. Moderate amount of off white head on top right from the pour and then diminishes to a very very minimal amount of bubbles right at the glass.

Aroma: Oh this is fruity and going to be a good one - it's sweet with a hefty dose of pear, guava and a nice sweetness of strawberries. A tad vegetal and not overly sour so far - much more sweet than sour.

Taste: The sourness really hits it here. It's got a sour fruitiness right from the beginning, followed by a moderate juice presence to it - notes of pear, guava and strawberries. The mouthfeel is dry with a bit of a tingling sensation. The aftertaste is mostly pear and a hint of barley graininess at the end, the aftertaste doesn't last long at all.

Overall Thoughts: It's nice to see a Manitoban brewery really pushing out a sour beer program as it still feels like Manitoba is always five years behind the rest of the country when it comes to beer styles. I'm finding the pear and strawberries are a bit more present than the guava but I'm fine with that. Decently sweet with a good amount of sourness to it, definitely more of a desserty beer that paired well with Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks Mandy!

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