Review: Le Corsaire Queen Anne's Revenge Blanche aux Fruits

LĂ©vis, QuĂ©bec's Le Corsaire's Queen Anne's Revenge is a wheat ale brewed with raspberries, haskap berries and hibiscus flowers. Le Corsaire says "Your palate sure won’t be disappointed. With its refreshing taste, it is the ultimate summer beverage. Queen Anne’s Revenge will tickle your taste buds with its fruity bouquet of flavours."

Appearance: Pours a very bright raspberry red/purple with a very light amount of carbonation and a very thin amount of beige head that's mostly just some bubbles around the side of the glass.

Aroma: The first impression I got before I poured it was that it smelled like a Blonde Ale to me as I didn't get any of the fruit aroma in the first sniff. Once I poured the beer, the fruity aroma was definitely there.. the mind can sure play tricks on you sometimes! I'm getting a liberal amount of raspberry sweetness (which also gives off a bit of a tartness), a mild amount of hibiscus, and I'm not sure what haskap smells like.. so maybe that as well. The malt pops out a good deal in this beer, giving off a bit of a grainy yet toasted aroma to it, more than most fruit beers like this.

Taste: Tart and sweet, almost like a dessert wine to an extent as the tartness of the raspberries is reminding me of some of the red wines I sampled at my sister's wedding. The raspberries pop out decently in this beer, a bit sweet but yeah.. bit tart. The floral notes of hibiscus pops out and reminds me of the few beers I've ever had that contain hibiscus in them. The beer is a tad grainy with a grassy hop profile to it. Pretty straight forward yet nice for patio weather.

Overall Thoughts: I wish it didn't feel like it was going to snow today because this would've been nice to savour on the patio. The raspberries pop out to give it a sweet yet tart profile to it, it's a tad grainy, and the hibiscus gives it that fruity floral presence that I've only seen in so few beers, hibiscus needs to be in more beers!

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