Review: 2 Crows Saddle Up Foedre Aged Farmhouse Ale with Rye and Hay

New to me beer from over at 2 Crows Brewery out of Halifax, Nova Scotia!

"Saddle up Foedre Aged Farmhouse Ale with Rye and Hay" sounds like something that would come right from the Lobreau farm, nothing pleasant at all.. but in a beer, it somehow can happen, especially in a foedre aged ale.

2 Crows' Saddle Up is described as funky, rustic and lightly tart with barley, wheat, hops, water, rye and good ol' hay.

Appearance: Caramel amber ale with a clear appearance to it, Minimal amount of offwhite head on top of the beer.

Aroma: Damn sour and vegetal, notes of lemon, bit of vinegar, barnyard funk, Brett, and a hint of caramel. Very sour with a bit of funk to it.

Taste: Barnyard funk is the very first thing I get from this beer, it's a very lemony, very funky beer with a very sour presence to it that just doesn't happen to get away. There's a bit of a caramel sweetness but minimal at best, mostly sour lemon like vibe to this beer.

Overall Thoughts: This beer is sour as hell with a barnyard funkiness to it that tastes like hay with a lot of lemon. I don't get the rye or the Saison notes in here, but I DEFINITELY get the the hay here and good amount of sourness.. I don't get any manure in this beer.. so I'm insanely glad for that! This is a decently sour Farmhouse Ale with a hefty amount of wild yeast in it, I don't get any rye malt in here but the sour notes remind me of beers of yesteryear.. it's funky, yeasty, a bit of leather, straw, wood.. but overall ends up being a great beer.

5.4% ABV

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