Review: Trans Canada Solera Anniversary Farmhouse Saison (Batch 2019)

Thanks Mandy over at Trans Canada Brewing for bringing a bottle of their Solera Anniversary Farmhouse Saison by so I could try it!

From the label: "Our 2019 batch of Solera is a blend of our 2017 and 2018 vintages that were aged in our French oak Foeder No. 5 for 12 months and fermented with the historic Brettanomyces yeast strain. Notes of subtle funk and soft malt on the nose are delicately highlighted by its oak character that gracefully and patiently evolve through the beer. Its dynamic characteristics slowly unfold with the intertwined layers of old and new. This 2019 release will be the youngest of all our future Solera releases, but as we enjoy it with each passing year we have the chance to go back to where we started. Cellaring: keep in a cool, dark place."

Appearance: Pours a bright apple juice like golden body with a light amount of carbonation in the body, light amount of carbonation in the body and a moderate amount of foam on top of the beer but gradually diminishes a very minimal amount of head at the end.

Aroma: Notes of French bread, hint of oak, a very subtle amount of Brett to give it a hint of funk to it. Decently sweet with a hint of a champagne-like sweetness to it. Hint of pear at the end.

Taste: Sweetness all around with notes of pear, a bit of champagne, a hint of oak, lots of breadiness to it. A moderate honey-like sweetness to it and a very subtle Brett yeast presence to give it a bit of a funk and woodiness to it. Fairly light for a Farmhouse Saison, but decently carbonated on the mouthfeel.

Overall Thoughts: The Brett is insanely subtle in this beer so if you're not too big of a fan of wild yeast beers but still want a saison, this is a solid choice.. but I do wish the Brett was more dominant in both aroma and flavour. This has a really nice sweetness with a honey-like and pear presence that make me want to see more Saisons in Manitoba. Decently dry, easy to drink and I think I enjoy this more than their Parhelion Saison, which was pretty decent as well. 7% ABV

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