Review: Sleeping Giant Camperino Smoked Chaga Porter

Thanks Sue for sending this my way! I don't know if it's middle of October or February because it's absolutely blizzarding in my neck of the woods.. even though just a few days ago it was warm enough to patio hop still. Damn you climate change! With all the snow we're getting, I've been seriously craving porters, stouts and barley wines. Today I'm checking out Camperino Smoked Chaga Porter by Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant Brewing.

From the website: "This seasonal beer is brewed each year for International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, with the help of local women in the community. This year’s them is Unite Forage and we produced a smoked porter with added Chaga mushrooms. The porter will have an obvious smoked quality to it while the added Chaga will give a deep earthiness."

Appearance: Well, it's a porter so look at the photo. Dark as the night with a moderate creamy yellowish-beige head on top.

Aroma: Smells like a great summer time bon fire with notes of smores. It has a moderately smoky presence to it with a bit of a burnt malt profile, a good amount of chocolate and a bit of a sugary aroma that reminds me of marshmallows. Theres mushrooms in this? I wouldn't have known.

Taste: Very very smoky - Did I ever tell you all that I loved smoked beers? If not, I love smoked beers. This is the taste of a great summer time bonfire with notes of dark chocolate, roasted malt to give it a hint of a coffee-like presence to it, a decent sweetness, and a bit of an earthy presence that I'm assuming is from the Chaga mushrooms. Roasty.

Overall Thoughts: Huh, after the 4 times I've had this beer, I never knew it had mushrooms in it - these are the only times in my life I've ever enjoyed something with mushrooms. This honestly tasted like a bonfire beer - very smoky, notes of chocolate, a bit sugary, enjoyable year round.. oh I'd seriously love a bonfire in times like right now. Hopefully this one makes its way to Manitoba sometime, absolutely tasty and I'm shocked that I actually managed to save a can to review.. SHOCKED!

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