Bud Light Apple (Skunksworth's Barleyslime)

I've been looking at the analytics of what brings people to my website and I've found that reviews of AB-InBev products seem to get the most hits.. even if they're part of the Skunksworth's Barleyslime series of reviews. I've jumped the shark years ago with reviewing beer out of two litre pop soda bottles, so people like my mom need me to review beers that they'd actually drink.

Today, it's Bud Light Apple. Bud Light Apple has been around for nearly two years ago and it's done fairly well, definitely better than their Bud Light Radler, which has seen some bit competition. The appley beer market just doesn't exist here in Canada aside from Unibroue's Éphémère Pomme and one or two others.

I was actually part of an online test group a few years ago when Bud Light Lime was the only beer in the Bud Light flavoured brand, they were wanting to try out other flavours.. I don't remember any of the beers but I think there might have been a Tangerine beer in the survey.

Appearance: Well, Bud Light Apple appears just like any other Bud Light you've ever seen before, it's a clear, very pale yellowish straw body with a light amount of head on top. There's a few clumps of bubbles on top and a bit of micro-carbonation but that's aboot it.

Aroma: The apple is definitely supposed to be the star of the show here as it gives off a sour apple aroma that reminds me of sour bubble gum I used to get only at Halloween back in the 90s. It's sour and that's all I get from this beer.

Taste: It's crazy how people tell me they only drink Bud Light and their spinoff-brands because they can't stand the taste of beer. In this beer's case, the very sour, apple taste is incredibly dominant for the flavour, it completely over-powers the bland yet weird taste that Bud Light generally provides - that corn water taste. The corn water is definitely there, but the sour apple bubble gum taste is the only real flavour I'm getting here. Well, when it warms up, I get a bit of creamed corn.. it's not appetizing with the sour apples AT ALL.

Overall Thoughts: Nope, not even twice. The apple taste is overly candy-like, just like as if they came out with a Blue Raspberry flavour. Bud Light Apple is quite popular at the LC, but if Bud Light were to come out with a "Bud Light IPA" brewed with hops used in popular IPAs, would it be popular with Bud Light drinkers? Nope, it wouldn't - Molson tried that with Molson 67 Session IPA and it was a huge flop in the end. Not every version of a light beer you come out with will be a success.

This is still tastier than regular Bud Light, but I'd rather spend my money on something else.

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