Review: Beau's All Natural Wag the Wolf Hopfenweisse

Beau's is easily one of the only breweries that distributes to Manitoba that has a new seasonal every month! This month, it's Wag the Wolf and Marzen. Today, we're checking out Wag the Wolf, a German-style Hopfenweisse brewed with organic barley and wheat malt, Hefeweizen yeast, and for hops: Motueka, citra, rakau, and Nelson Sauvin.

Appearance: I absolutely love the artwork on Beau's beers, they can be simple yet creative to the point that they deserve their own postage stamps or coins. The beer pours a cloudy orange ale with thick amount of off-white foam to it.

Aroma: Wheaty and with notes of banana, bready yeast, citrus (lemon) and a bit of hoppiness to it. The hop presence is a light bitter pine presence with a light grassiness to it. What surprises me is that there's a hint of salt and vinegar malt presence to it at the end.

Taste: My first impression is a mash up of bitter pine hops with a creamy banana sweetness. There's light creaminess, notes of lemon, hint of pepper spiciness, a slight-off presence of dill, and it's fairly easy to drink.

Overall Thoughts: This style of beer is past its season, but I can appreciate a hoppy hefeweizen any day of the year! Notes of pine, banana, spice and creaminess (from the banana). Absolutely solid.

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