Photos: A visit to 9 Mile Legacy Brewing

I'm a farm boy, I grew up on a mixed grain/cattle operation my entire life. My dad was proud of the cows that he raised, and at one point - he even let me name one of his calves Cody.

Obviously, raising cattle wasn't my thing. I was more interested in politics and beer. Now days, I'm wanting to visit breweries more than ever, knowing that the grain possibly being used is from only five miles down the road. 9 Mile Legacy goes even further!

The folks over at 9 Mile Legacy have a cool rural, agricultural story to their name as well - The two main owners of the brewery have a long history with collaborating at the farm. For several decades, the Moen and Pederson families helped each other out on growing crops and farming in general.. now, their descendants - Shawn Moen (CEO/GM) and Garrett Pederson (COO/Head Brewer) - they're here to make amazing beer and keep the 9 Mile Legacy alive!

While at the brewery, Robin from The Thirsty Wench made a really unexpected visit - Which is exciting because the last time I chatted with Robin was on the Montreal Métro in 2014.. aaaand I was a bit too intoxicated on Glutenberg's Imperial Soloton - I remember that she told me that it would be too much of a beer, but I went for a full pint of the 8% beer anyways! 

Here's photos I took while at 9 Mile Legacy, I should've brought my DSLR but I didn't expect to be there for more than 10 minutes! Thank you 9 Mile and Robin for making me go off my schedule.. but it was worth it!

Back to the tasting room..

I love the prairies
Flight o'9 Mile!

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