Review: Simple Malt Vin d'Orge (Brasseurs Illimités)

Review: Simple Malt Vin d'Orge (Brasseurs Illimités) Via Flickr

This past April when I was on my p'tite bièrecation in Quebec City, I brought back a tonne of beer but there were a few fallen soldiers.. mainly two bottles of barley wine. One being corps mort by À l’Abri de la Tempête and the other being this beer.. Simple Malt Vin d'orge by Brasseurs Illimités. Thankfully, mon ami Blacque Jacque Shellaque sent me a bottle as part of a Quebec care package.. how awesome of him!

Appearance: Pours a dark cherry reddish-brown, minimal beige foam gracing the top of the beer, decent amount of carbonation taking place, not clear at all, but not hazy by any means.
Aroma: A tart and sweetly malted barley wine. Burnt caramel, raisins and grapes, and a syrupy booziness to it. A nice strong and sweet whiff from it that's reminiscent of just about any other barley wine out there.

Taste: Raisins, raisins, raisins! Reminds me of eating one of those boxes of Sun Maid raisins as a kid. Quite a sweet and fruity barley wine with a light tartiness to it. Burnt caramel and toffee, fruity, a very syrupy mouthfeel and a bit of a syrupy aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: An incredibly sweet and raisiny barley wine, not the best barley wine I've had, but certainly an incredibly sweet and tasty barley wine which is perfect for the cold cold Canadian winters and with it being -30C pre-windchill, this helps warm up the body a bit and at 8.6% ABV, it's going to warm one up a bit. 51 IBU and best served at 12-14C

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