December 5 - Victory Brewing Prima Pilsner

Another day in December; another beer time! Tonight's beer is Prima Pils by Pennsylvanian brewery Victory Brewing. I'm not usually a fan of Pilsn
ers because they tend to be too grainy and skunky for my liking, I like a more hopped ale. That said, lots of breweries make mean pilsners as it is!

Appearance: Pours a pale straw golden yellow, a bit lighter than the standard North American take on German Pilsners, Blue and Kokanee are slightly more vibrant. Decent amount of carbonation, light amount of snow white head right at the very top of the beer, that's about it.

Aroma: It's that typical pilsner aroma I'm not too fond of, but I'll still drink that! The aroma of barley, straw, fresh cut grass and farm yard top it all off, slightly bready. I'm really trying to like it but pilsners just don't do it for me. It does have a nice light hop presence.. which is nice.

Taste: A light amount of sweet grainy malt, barley, straw, and much more noticeable hop presence which is a relief. The hop bitterness is a bit grassy and really dominates in the back of the mouth. Light bready notes and overall surprising me considering I was going to write this off as "yet another pilsner." The hops don't really pop out nnnnnnowwwww. Quite surprised, to be honest.

Overall Thoughts: You could tell when looking/smelling this beer, I was going to write this off as "another pilsner", but I was truly surprised by the bitter grassy hops in the flavour. Appearance and aroma-wise, this is just like your standard Prairie Pilsner, lots of graininess and not much substance, but for flavour, it hs a very powerful hop backing which would scare off the Club/OV fanatics out there. I truly dislike pilsners, i don't know why.... possibly because growing up around them in late 80s/early 90s when my parents would be drinking Club/OV and giving me sips of their beer, that weird bitter grain taste just threw me off until my teens.. this isn't that kind of pilsner, which is a surprise. Looking for a standard prairie pilsner? The hops will likely scare you off.

I'm honestly sick and tired of going to nice restaurants and bars and paying $5+ for a beer and only getting Labatt Blue as the best beer option, I'd gladly pay $7 for this instead, but seeing it's mainly only found in the States, ain't gunna happen. 5.3% ABV

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