December 6 - Stone Brewing's Ruination India Pale Ale

This may have been the straw that broke in the camel's back, or more like.. the beer that broke Cody's foot. Never have I tried so desperately to save a beer from falling as I have today. While I was walking down the stairs, I was carrying a freshly opened bottle of Stone Brewing's Ruination IPA, I missed a step, saw that the beer was going to fall, saved it, had my right foot go backwards and I fell on the ground. Good news: only two or so ounces of beer was lost in the trip. Bad news: I may or may not have sprained my foot. I can walk fine now but there's a bit of a burning sensation in my ankle, nothing I haven't felt before but I'm going to be whiney at work tomorrow for sure! I think this beer may or not be cursed.. I don't believe in evil spirits or anything like that but it's like that the devil on the bottle doesn't want me to drink the beer, just like how the devil on the Unibroue Maudite bottle seems to ruin everything else for me! Ahaha okay..

Appearance: This is the first Stone beer I've ever had.. ever. A bit of a surprise because they're one of the most popular microbreweries in all of the United States, but when distributing is pretty limited as it is, it's not generally going to come to a small town in North Dakota or anything. Anywho, the Ruination nearly ruinated my foot (ha ha get it?!) The Ruination IPA pours a light golden orange, lightly hazy but quite clear at the same time. A nice light amount of creamy beige foam that gently drapes the side of the glass.

Aroma: Okay, the smell alone is worth nearly breaking my foot over. It's another IPA here folks! I love a good IPA, it's a nice citrusy and floral hopped IPA (ie Cascade). A light grapefruit aroma along with a smidge of orange peel and lemon. Not really a bitter IPA but considering the bottle's "Enjoy before.." date is 3 days away, it's pretty damned fresh smelling.

Taste: A sweet honey flavour to start it followed by a mild bitterness from the hops, a bit of an alfalfa floral bitterness, fairly light compared to most West Coast IPAs out there. A bit of a sweet honey taste along with the bitterness of the hops is lingering on the palate which is interesting. Quite light on the palate in bitterness yet still incredibly full bodied in flavour.

Overall Thoughts: Was this worth nearly breaking my foot over? Hell ya! My foot's already feeling better.. somewhat. It's a really tasty IPA with a floral hoppiness and a sweet honey & orange flavour to it. Not overly bitter like the standard West Coast IPAs, but not every single IPA fanatic prefers an overly bitter IPA, because it's been done umpteen times. 8.2% ABV and apparently 100+ IBU

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