December 19 - Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn Barleywine style Ale

Hey wine connoisseurs, looking for a beer but hate the taste of beer? Come try a barley wine, a sweet, lightly tarted, syrupy and delicious beverage that makes a lager look like a soda. So damned good.

Tonight's beer is Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale by Anchor Brewing. At 9.4% ABV, it's guaranteed to help you fall asleep after a long day of work and satisfy your tastebuds easily.

Appearance: Pours a semi-clear caramel & nutty brown. Minimal amount of head, a light beige cookie dough head that's just like.. settled at the top.

Aroma: Smells of raisins, dark fruits, rich caramel and toffee notes, light touch of wood and a light amount of red wine in there as well.

Taste: Old Foghorn is quite a syrupy ale, heavy on the booziness, rich caramel and toffee sweetness, light bitter hops, plums, raisins and dates. In a way, it reminds me a bit of a good pecan pie/butter tart, sweet sweet sweet.

Overall Thoughts: A satisfying Barleywine with 9.4% ABV, sweet and syrupy to the mouth, notes of caramel and dark fruits make it great. This would be great as a reduction and turned into a syrup over pie and ice cream for Christmas dessert.

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