Review: Abita Restoration Pale Ale

Review: Abita Restoration Pale Ale
A wise beer drinker once told me to never sit on a well hopped beer because it will one day turn bad as hops aren't fresh forever. But when doing a quick beer sort today, I discovered two bottles of Abita Restoration Pale Ale. Thinking back, I probably purchased this in August 2012, so well past its prime. I don't know what took me so long to find it, maybe my hoard is growing to the point that I have a problem? I don't know.

Appearance:A bit of a golden honey beer, hazy and lots of sediment all over the place. Light off-white head that's now mainly gracing the very top of the beer.

Aroma: A bit of a caramel malt sweetness, certainly sweet bready notes - very similar to angel food cake.. hmm. The hops are certainly past its prime, so comparing it to others' reviews, it's not giving off a bitter or citrusy bite to it like it should have (my fault).

Taste: Malt forward, caramel, grainy goodness and just a hint of hoppy bitterness. A bit of a metallic aftertaste to it.

Overall Thoughts: This is why you try to drink (I)PAs as soon as possible, hops don't stay fresh forever, so over time the flavour of the beer will change. This beer didn't get any better over time, but it's all my fault for not drinking it as soon as I purchased it back in August 2012, but sometimes you just forget what you have, right?

Sorry to the hop geeks and the folks over at Abita Brewery for letting you all down, I'm doing better with drinking bitterly hopped ales now!

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