December 8 - Ommegang Rare Vos Amber Ale

I'm a big fan of Brewery Ommegang ever since they started selling their beer in Manitoba.. heck.. their Game of Thrones beer is having a hard time staying on the shelves even at $11/bottle! Tonight I'm trying their Rare Vos Amber Ale, an ale brewed with sweet Orange peel, grains of paradise and coriander, giving it a Belgian-style flavour to it.

Appearance: A murky amber reddish ale with a nice amount of micro-carbonation. A thick head of creamy eggshell white head that is going down slowly but gently.

Aroma: A sweet Belgian ale, orange peels, coriander, a bit of caramel, Belgian yeast and lightly floral.

Taste: A boozey and lightly syrupy flavour, orange peel, fruity, a bit bready and quite complex.. which I love about Belgian-style ales! A very light sprinkle of coriander and a lightly bitter bready aftertaste at the very end.

Overall Thoughts: A decent take on a Belgian style amber ale, certainly could be sweeter and more liberal on the coriander but the complexity makes me second guess what I'm tasting every sip.. haha! I'd love to see Ommegang sell taster packs up in Canada.. I know they'd sell really well because I've had yet to have a bad beer by Ommegang.. and this is only the third beer I've tried by them. 6.5% ABV!beer_vos

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