December 14 - Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Jonny knows me well enough to know exactly what I would like to see in a beer advent calendar and I have to give it to him, he knows his beers! Plus he's in Winnipeg right now and I work basically every day for the rest of the year so I don't get to bug him and hear him complain about how the winter in Winnipeg is so brutal.

Boulevard Brewing's Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale saison is one of my favourite saisons out there, nice and citrusy, fruity, and great as a dessert. Boulevard was actually one of the very first breweries I tried down in the States when I wanted to finally try American craft beer, instead of opting for the $12 30-can packs of Miller Lite. The first beer I had by them, Single Wide IPA was an incredibly delicious IPA, and not only that, it was $7 for a 6-pack! What a bargain!

Appearance: Tank 7 pours a mildly cloudy golden-orange straw. Thick and fluffy amount of cool whip-like foam, very thick, airy and fluffy. Decent amount of carbonation taking place, sounds of what reminds me of an oldschool laptop hard drive spinning like crazy.

Aroma: Mmm.. this is a nice Belgian-style saison, first here we have a nice lemon zest to start it off, lightly creamy, notes of bubble gum and Belgian yeast and to top it off.. light floral hop notes that give it a nice bitterness to it.

Taste: Sure not anywhere near as sour as yesterday's Saison, today's saison is more of a Belgiany citrus delight. A nice lemon citrus ale with a lot of yeasty action going on. Decent amount of sweetness. A hint of coriander, hint of orange peel, light grainy and surprisingly hoppy. A nice cascade bitterness that lingers at the end for the aftertaste, nice and floral.

Overall Thoughts: One of the best saisons on the market. I've yet to have a beer by Boulevard that I actually don't like... I don't think it's possible. Sweet, citrusy zest, good amount of floral hoppy bitterness makes this a great after work treat. Fairly light on the stomach so you won't be feeling bloated afterwards either. 8.5% ABV so the booze will likely creep up on you, but flavourwise.. I would have assumed this was a 5.5% ABV product, it hides the booze very well.

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