Skunkworth's Barleyslime: Estrella Cerveza Clara

Skunkworth's Barleyslime: Estrella Cerveza Clara by Cody La Bière
When a beer comes in a large bottle.. it can be good, but when a beer comes in a 40 ounce bottle (or 1.2L), you know it can't be a good thing, usually the swilliest swill comes in a big jug this big, but hey.. when in México, drink as the locals drink, right?

Being familiar of Estrella Damm Inedit (Damm S.A) out of Spain, I thought this might be a decent beer, but turns out.. Estrella Damm line of beer is made by a completely different brewery than Estrella Cerveza Clara (Grupo Modelo SA de C.V) out of Mexico.

Just looking at the bottle, you KNOW what to expect, a mediocre tropical lager like a Sol or Corona. Pours a pale golden yellow straw, lots of carbonation, looks like your standard lager, nothing to write home about.

As the bottle opens up, the aroma is underwhelming, light scents of dead skunk, corn, sweet maltiness, and lots and lots of straw that's been soaking in water for a few years.. if you live on a farm, you know that smell quite well, like I do.

As for the taste, the aroma says it all, it's lacklustre, corny, really tinny mouthfeel, flavour diminishes the second it hits the tastebuds, incredibly watered down, some straw. For it being in a bit 40oz jug, I would have expected it to be more of a malt liquor based product, instead.. it's your standard light Mexican/Carribean-style lager, very pale, very light, the kind of beer you'd expect to see at an overpriced all inclusive resort... well but at least this is 27% bigger than the standard big bottle.. so that's okay?

Since I didn't pay for this, and this was a gift.. it was still underwhelming. Corny, a bit skunky, tinny mouthfeel, and mostly watered down.. more than even most macro lite beers from the USA. 4.0% ABV. Cerveceria Modelo Guadalajara, S. A. de C. V.

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