Review: AC/DC lager (Brasserie Licorne SAS)

Review: ACDC lager (Brasserie Licorne SAS) by Cody La Bière
Alcohol has turned into a marketing tool for musicians, actors and even athletes in the past few years. Dan Aykroyd has his own wines and vodka, Wayne Gretzky has his own wine, and BNL/City and Colour have their own beers over at Flying Monkeys. Sometimes the tool ends up being an insanely successful campaign, other times, it flops completely.

AC/DC now has their own lager, a European lager brewed by Brasserie Licorne out of Saverne, France. Immediately, I could tell that this isn't a beer meant for the beer geeks like City & Colour's beer was, this is meant for the rockers, who want to party and shotgun a beer at the same time, but hey.. that market is quite a large market so I don't blame them.. it's going to be a cash cow for them.

Aside from a few notable exceptions, France isn't known for making good beer.. in fact, French beer is completely lousy, your standard malty lager, nothing to write home about..

Appearance: Golden straw, lots of carbonation, thick snow white head. The head quickly diminishes instantly. It looks like your standard European or North American lager to me.

Aroma: Not much in there, faint straw smell, lightly malted, some corniness, it smells like your standard Premium Quality lager that are a dime-a-dozen at the liquor store.

Taste: This isn't your beer geek's beer, it's your standard European lager that leaves a corn & straw aftertaste on the tongue, very light, barley, not much of a hop presence, tastes like eating straw & corn. Would not drink again.

Overall Thoughts: As expected, it's your standard corny lager, just as what one would expect by a brewery out of France. While neighbours in Germany and Belgium know how to brew beer, France should just stick to making wine. This is something that the average Manitoban would like, it's light on the palate, tastes like your standard Euro lager so you don't get an overly bitter flavour, as well, it looks like a lager, which won't scare off a typical Manitoban beer drinker for it being too "dark" or any other colour than golden yellow. Costs $3 before taxes for a 500ml can, 5% ABV. Get a can of Dab lager and save a few cents, it tastes just like AC/DC's lager.

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Unknown said...

That sounds like the beer you would get at an AC/DC concert. They'll probably make plenty of money on it.