Review: Samuel Adams Imperial White

Review: Samuel Adams Imperial White by Cody La Bière
Another photo, another review. This time it's Imperial White witbier by Sam Adams. Witbiers are the style that grew on me the most more than any other beer style before I was turning into a beer geek.. thanks to beers like Unibroue's Blanche de Chambly and the explosion of success of Rickard's White.

Sam Adams' Imperial White is a witbier-style ale brewed with spices and coriander. It comes out at 10.3% ABV so it's WELL over double the ABV of the standard witbier on the market today, but hey.. this isn't your ordinary witbier, it's an IMPERIAL witbier!

Appearance: A thick dark copper brown with a hue of an amber honey, good amount of micro-carbonation. Reminiscent of Good Host iced tea, even the head is reminiscent of it.. not much head, a thin beige layer draping the side of the glass while bubbles pop up to the top.

Aroma: Dark fruits, plums, coriander, minimal orange peel, light caramel sweetness coming from the malt. Thick boozy smell as well as a thick syrupy aroma in there that is reminiscent of a rich barley wine.. quite a strong beer for a wit.

Taste: The taste is as strong as the aroma. Some notes that remind me of a barley wine, this isn't a witbier that you'll drink down.. hell.. it's only 355mL and I'd recommend sharing this with a friend. Dark fruitiness, coriander, boozy, incredibly syrupy and there's a bit of a syrupy and bitter aftertaste lingering on my palate for aftertaste. Some vanilla, decent amount of coriander.. quite a savour worthy beer.

Overall Thoughts: From a brewery as large as Sam Adams, they can show that they can brew beer as well as the micros. A very sweet, strong, syrupy take on a witbier. Sam Adams' Imperial White is a great beer to age over time as it has only gotten more syrupy over time. Reminiscent in ways to a nice barley wine.. dark fruitiness, syrupy, a sip & savouring beer.. not something you can drink lots of. At 10.3%, share this with a friend!

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