Review: Granville Island One-Two Punch Belgian IPA

Belgian IPAs are rare to find, just like a Grain Elevator in this day and age, few and far between, but they exist. Belgian IPAs, unlike grain elevators are becoming more common in Western Canada. Now time to review Granville Island's One-Two Punch Belgian IPA!

Appearance:Pours a light and clear caramel amber, light amount of creamy head.

Aroma: The nice sweet smells of your standard India Pale Ale, it has your aromatic and floral piney hops, a hint of lemon, caramel malt, and to top it off, with it being a Belgian-style ale, it has a decent Belgian yeastiness giving it a breadiness to it.

Taste: A mixture of the hops and yeast come out on top, I like that it has a nice Belgian yeastiness to it, so it's a bit of a sweeter IPA than others, but it's still very much an IPA, quite hoppy and bitter, floral and piney, caramel notes, leaves a bit of a booze taste to the palate, but this is a beer that shows why BC is the IPA province of Canada.

Overall Thoughts: As usual, Granville Island's bomber seasonals are really really tasty, One-Two Punch Belgian IPA is like your standard BC IPA, but with a bit of a Belgian yeasty zest to it. Costs $6.50 for a 650ml bottle. 7.5%. I really enjoy the bombers out of Granville, considering it's a Molson brand, the bombers really still capture the micro-brewery tastes that Granville fans know and love from a few years back. Unfortunately.. the regular 341ml bottles tell a different story..

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