Review: Widmer Brothers' Hopside Down India Style Pale Lager

Review: Widmer Brothers' Hopside Down India Style Pale Lager by Cody La Bière
So.. Widmer Brothers has an India Pale Ale style Lager called the Hopside Down Lager, innnnnnteresting! Hoppy lagers are always great, but an India Pale Lager? That's a rarity it seems. Found this gem at the liquor store in Minot, ND a month back, so it's always nice to try something new.

Appearance: Pours a bright golden straw, lots of microcarbonation taking place, thick beige-white head. Looks like a standard micro lager.

Aroma: Light barley graininess to it, very full hoppy & aromatic hoppiness.. some cascadey goodness to it. Light lemon citrus, overall an insanely better lager than most lagers out there.

Taste: A very solid India Pale Ale Lager.. damn good.. lots of hops give it a nice pleasant bitterness, bit piney, nice lemon citrus. Minimal maltiness and not much of a grassy taste from the barley.. overall a very good lager.

Overall Thoughts: Very solid for an India Pale Ale.. Hopside Down is a lager! Hoppy, bitter, citrusy, quite a piney aroma, I'll be buying this again the next time I'm in ND. Hoplicious. 6.7% ABV

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