Review: La Barberie's Brasse-Camarade Rousse Forte

Review: La Barberie's Brasse-Camarade Rousse Forte by Cody La Bière
The last time I reviewed a beer by La Barberie was 7 years minus one month ago when I reviewed La Moisan's house beer, I wasn't familiar with the brewery but I really enjoyed the beer (oh and boy.. was I cheap back then!)

I had the pleasure of making a visit to La Barberie's ale house back in April, it was the very first ale house/brewpub I've ever been to in my life. The atmosphere was a great relaxed pub atmosphere that reminded me of the late great Lo Pub from Winnipeg, a place I'd see myself taking friends for pints after a long day. At the pub I tried their witbier and their tea ale and damn.. BOTH were exquisite! Before I left to go back to Manitoba, I picked up a bottle of their tea ale (which went to Buncy and a bottle of their Brasse-Camarade, which has been sitting in my hoard for far too long.

Appearance: Reminiscent in appearance to the bottle of La Moisan I had nearly 7 years ago.. damn.. it was that long ago? Pours a dark copper-brown, murky, almost like mud... almost. Thin Beige-yellow head.

Aroma: Nutty, a bit floral, slight caramel aroma to it and cocoa powder. Quite a sweet and aromatic red ale.

Taste: Roasted malts to give it a bit of a roasted coffee bean flavour and a bit of nuttiness to it. Caramel sweetness with a smidge of chocolate in there somewhere. Slightly metallic mouthfeel, decent amount of bitterness coming from the roastiness of the malts, stronger red ale than most.

Overall Thoughts: When I think of a red ale, I think of more of an Irish Red, more of a caramel-focused sweet ale that leaves a lot to be desired. La Barberie's Brasse-Camarade Red Ale is a nice nutty red ale with a bit of a coffee-like roastiness to it to give it a nice zing for those chilly autumn nights.

If you're ever in la belle ville de Québec, check out La Barberie at 310 rue Saint Roch. I went there during a blizzard and stayed there for the drinks!

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