Review: Russell Truth Serum Wheat Wine

Review: Russell Truth Serum Wheat Wine by Cody La Bière
Wheat wines are becoming the new barrel aged beers and saisons - becoming INSANELY popular out of nowhere, but why wouldn't they? They're quite a treat! Russell Brewing now has their OWN Wheat Wine called Truth Serum. Let's go straight to the review..

Appearance:Pours a very hazy grapefruit/cassis/copper red, really fruity looking, does NOT look like a beer (or a wheat wine, though the photo lies a bit). Minimal head, a light beige rim attached to the side of the glass.

Aroma: Lemon, hops, certainly a wheat wine-esque aroma (if you know what I mean) - a strong alcoholy and sweet aroma, floral from the hops, slightly tart like a fine wine, oh and a hint of bug spray.. but that's not scaring me off in any sense!

Taste: The bitterness of the hops makes the first appearance, followed by an immediate sweetness and zing from the alcohol, bit of a malted wheat flavour. Has a bit of a sourness to it, like any other wheat wine (that I've ever tried - just one) had, a bit lighter than I expected but pretty decent and likely would age even better - a bit of cassis notes in there. Leaves a tinny feel in the mouth and a bit of an apple aftertaste. Could have packed a bit more of a wine-esque sweetness to this beer.

Overall Thoughts: Not the best wheat wine or barley wine I've tried, it lacks in sweetness and leaves a tinny sensation on the tongue. Could use more sweetness like most barley or wheat wines I've had (which is just a few). While I don't feel it's at its best, the hoppy bitterness is making its way through the beer as it warms up, and this is a beer that will age well, as will most barley/wheat wines.

Truth Serum Wheat Wine Ale is 70 IBU and 10% ABV.

I ALMOST FORGOT! I reviewed their Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine (aged in Whisky Barrels) a few weeks back, check out the review heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!

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that is funny I liked this Truth Serum much more than the Nector of the Gods.